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Restaurant Review: Casa Italiana In Burien

Restaurant Review: Casa Italiana In Burien Burien news

By Gem of the Sound Reporter, Mangia Mangia with Mercuri.

As living in Burien knows, this little neighborhood has exploded into a known international destination for restaurants. Starting 17 years ago, the Tin Room was the first of hip little restaurants to open, and I remember too well standing in line for blocks to get in.

Then, it seemed month after month new eateries began to creep in and this sleepy little neighborhood came alive.  Being half Italian and Slovenian, my kind like to eat!  So, I will be grazing my way through Burien every week and sharing my experience with you all, and giving you my take on the latest and greatest!  Burien has truly been transformed into the “Gem of the Sound.”

Today I visited one of my favorite restaurants just far enough away from Burien Town Square to serve the neighborhood a bit north, the Italian Cultural Center on First Avenue South and 130th. Still remodeling after the demise of London House, they have a small but delicious menu.

Their friendly staff at Casa Caffè serves espresso and other coffee concoctions along with a wide variety of pretty little Italian pastries. You can also purchase some beautiful wines in their caffe, and if you need a more private room, there is a large conference table behind the caffe bar.

If you’re up for breakfast try their Brioche Calazione, baked egg, mozzarella, and prosciutto cotto, of course, served on a warm brioche bun at $5.75. Also, there are seven delectable Italian “subs” so to speak…the “meataballa” sandwich is always a winner, served on a crusty Italian roll, grilled and sprinkled with olive oil and oregano; (not quite as generous on the meatballs, but much easier to eat that way without them landing on your lap or having to chase them across the floor.)  Included on their menu are several panini sandwiches, my favorite the Focaccia Caprese is made with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil. The sandwiches range from $7-8. Also on the menu is their Casa Insalata (Italian salad, imported mortadella, salami, prosciutto cotto, tomatoes, red wine vinegar and olive oil, and lastly, an antipasto platter with imported Italian meats and cheeses.

Don’t forget to check out their back room for wine, pasta, and related Italian delicatessen items for your palate and unique gifts.

Their Happy Hour is from 2 PM -5:00 PM with half-price menu items Thursday through Saturday.

Update On Their Casa Caffè Hours
Under new management as of 10/29/22.

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